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Nox Factor

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  • Increase Muscle Mass
  • Workout Longevity
  • Faster Recovery Time
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Sustain muscle appearance
  • More energy
  • Enhance sexual performance
  • Deeper sleep
  • Eliminate lactic acid


Begin your workout today.

You can finally build up those muscles bigger than ever before by using NOX Factor, a specially engineered product designed to give you the nutrients your body needs. It’s called a pre-workout nitric oxide supplement because it is designed for boosting your capabilities to build muscle. It’s full of enriching nutrients like potassium and calcium. You can feel and see the difference with your workout results when you used NOX Factor.

Nitric Oxide supplements are so important for workouts because they specifically target common problems many gym-goers have: fatigue, soreness, slow results, and more. “NO” as it is often called, is a gas-based molecule which acts as a communicator between cells. It focuses in the cardiovascular health, as well as many of the other processes occurring within our bodies. You can see major benefits in three major areas: energy levels, heart health, and muscle growth.


Arginine Alphaketoglutarate (A-AKG)
This heightens physical fitness capacities and also helps to treat infections, liver and kidney diseases, and intestinal disorders. Because it increases blood amount in the body, A-AKG is sometimes used for invasive heart surgery which would ordinarily leave patients with low blood levels. It is likewise very effective for improving blood circulation for those who do regular, intense workouts.

Ornithine Alpha Ketoglutarate (OKG)
OKG is helpful for improving and quickening muscle growth for those who often work out, but lack seeing their results. It is also beneficial for bodybuilders and athletes because OKG helps wounds and injuries to heal more quickly. Amino acids are found in OKG and can also be found in protein-rich foods.

Glutamine Alpha Ketoglutarate (GKG)
GKG has L-glutamine, a major energy source, contained within it. It is responsible for synthesizing proteins in the bloodstream as well as volumizing cells. GKG is helpful for maintaining high levels of exercise of performance.

Arginine Ketoisocaproate (A-KIC)
A-KIC produces that supreme muscle pump after a workout. Rather than softening up within an hour after the workout is over, A-KIC helps keep them big for longer time.

L-Arginine (Monohydrate)
By modifying the amino acid simply called “L-Arginine”, scientists were able to add even more powerful results to the concentrate. It helps to stimulate the growth hormones responsible for male sexual health and increasing body mass.

Beta Alanine
There are not many beta-amino acids that can be created naturally in the body, but Beta Alanine is one of them. Scientists prove that Beta-Alanine contains many benefits: from aerobic endurance to more muscle strength. Beta Alanine is an ideal supplement for anyone looking for a better workout.

Muscle contractions, nerve communication, and fluid levels all depend on the body’s potassium-glycerophosphate. Also, it aids in the prevention of high blood pressure and its related diseases.

While our bodies do actually contain a high amount of magnesium naturally, adding it in supplement form just further increases its benefits for our favor. Magnesium-Glycerophosphate assures good health for nerves, bones, muscles, and more.

Found in the fruit called Citrus Aurantium, Synephrine is a huge contributor of energy and fast metabolism. These two factors combined means your body will naturally burn calories faster as well as providing more energy for workouts - providing an excellent way to shed unneeded fat quickly.

Yohimbe (HCL)
Yohimbe is an African tree which produced a nutrient rich bark, found in many herbal medicines across the globe. It is well known as one of the best herbs for improving male sexual stamina because it increases the amount of blood flowing through the body as well as increasing the release of neurotransmitters.

NIACIN (Niacinamide)
Niacinamide is a type of Vitamin B3 which helps those with diets deficient of dairy or protein. Additionally, it can provide treatment for clogged arteries and high cholesterol.

Calcium Phosphate
Most people are aware that calcium is found in milk and it important for healthy bone growth. Less are aware that calcium is also responsible for cellular communication; it provides your muscles with the awareness of knowing when to contract and relax muscles. It is important to obtain it in supplement form, as well as from dairy, because most people are unknowingly suffering from low calcium levels.

Magnesium Stearate
The reason magnesium stearate is available in many supplements is because is easily converts to healthy “monounsaturated” fats that don’t raise cholesterol levels. 300+ enzymes within the body become activated by the presence of magnesium. It is critical to have magnesium because it plays a huge part in maintaining healthy bone density.

Di-Potassium Phosphate
Lactic acid production relies on the help of Di-potassium Phosphate to regulate its levels. This is important for workouts because lactic acid is what is produced in the body after the workout is over - it can actually reverse your hard work if the lactic acid levels are not maintained. By limiting the lactic acid, you can see workout results much sooner.

L-Citrulline occurs naturally in the body. It is an amino acid that is changed into L-Arginine, which then will produce nitric oxide. This is beneficial because the nitric oxide will then open up better blood flow - allowing more energy and lower blood pressure.

The coenzyme Nicotinamide-adenine-dinucleotide works with the metabolism. Also known as “NADH”, this is a popular additive for boosting athletic performance as it adds heightened mental function and energy levels.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this require a prescription?
No it will not. This is a dietary supplement containing 100% natural ingredients. Any concerns you may have should be addressed by a doctor to assure your health and safety.

How should I take it?
Up to four (4) NOX Factor capsules are to be taken approximately half an hour (30 minutes) prior to a workout.

Is there a certain diet regime I have to stick with?
No there is not. However, you should be aware that more benefits and results are seen by those who have healthy diets and regular physical activity.

Will shipping take long?
Shipping takes place business days Monday through Friday. We always ship products within 1 business day if ordered before 4 pm EST. If after 4 pm, your shipment will be sent out by the next day. Average shipping time is 2-5 business days (within the United States); delivery is paused for weekends and holidays.

Am I charged more than once?
We never bill your account without your personal consent to do so. Every purchase we do is a one-time charge guaranteed.

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